Shenzhen Allied Aquatic Produce Development Ltd.(SZAA)

SZAA is not only a pioneer of tilapia processor with an annual production capacity of 20,000MT, but also it highlights the partnership in ocean-caught fishing. The result is for decades, we are proud to build up a worldwide network in seafood supply chain support, delivering and reprocessing north pacific & south pacific sustainably caught seafood and other value-added products to people all around the world. 
Apart from exporting premium cut fish fillet products, SZAA also produce ready-to-cook fish products, breaded products, seasoning products and sauces.

Guangzhou LUXE Seafood Ent.Ltd.(Luxe)

Luxe covers an area of 108 hecres of which 90% is the FOUR STAR BAP certified aquaculture farm base. We also established 250 hecres contract aquaculture base (FOUR STAR BAP certified) with our stategic partners to guarantee constant supply on farm-raised resources. Relies on the superiority of various farm-raised resources such as tilapia, red drum, sea bass, eels etc. , the state of the art farming method to assure the best quality raw material and the unique experience in processing, Luxe is more competitive in distributing its farm-raised aquatic food to worldwide customers. 
Except for processing premium cut fish fillet products, Luxe also maintains workshop for surimi products and rosted products.